Danegrove Primary School


Danegrove is a thriving, exciting, challenging and forward thinking primary school which serves the children and families who attend, very well. Our main aim is to prepare the children for the challenging world in which we live and the 21st Century. To this end, our curriculum is constantly reviewed, evaluated and adapted to achieve, with a global perspective, a relevant and engaging learning experience. The School is a Values based school. We place great value upon teaching and reinforcing our British values, in assemblies as well as in all of the children's lessons.


Danegrove has 3 forms of entry 630 pupils on roll.


There are 2 sites, a 5 minute walk apart, Foundation Stage and Year 1 on Ridgeway Avenue (RA) and Years 2 – 6 at Windsor Drive (WD)
We are proud of our wide cultural and social mix.


The catchment area is large.


Many languages are spoken at Danegrove School, 54 languages in total. The school has an excellent reputation for inclusion of all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs.


The school has close links with other primary and secondary schools in the community.


Attendance of pupils





2016/2017 = 96.35%

2017/2018 = 96%

2018/2019 = 95.7%


Included in these figures are Foundation Stage pupils, who are below statutory age. We are also proud to be able to state that we ALWAYS remain open on “Snow Days,” although not all children are able to attend on those days.


Staff turnover is low, reflecting a happy atmosphere, with good supportive team work.


Current awards held include: Investors In People, ICT Mark (BECTA), NAACE Mark, Sustainable Travel, Sports-mark, Active-mark, Charter Standard, Healthy Schools’ Award and the Basic Skills Award. We are an FA Chartered School.


A 3 year Comenius project has been completed. This enabled the school to work with other European schools.


The Governing Body is supportive and knowledgeable. Comprehensive Governors’ training has ensured that this is a skilled body of people.


Our strong PTA raises between £12,000 and £15,000 per year funding mini- buses, laptops and play equipment for our playgrounds.
There are links with local churches, synagogues and mosques.
Wrap Around Care is provided by Breakfast club and Playscheme from 7.30am to 6pm.
A large range of extra-curricular clubs are provided during the day and after school.
The school has considerable additional expertise in Music and PE and a variety of musical and sporty activities are enthusiastically taken up by all groups.

Volunteer readers, parent helpers and work experience students are proactive and highly valued. We offer work experience volunteering for parents and members of our local community. This has allowed a large number of people to gain employment in a wide range of jobs, for example in offices, at other schools and at Danegrove.

Our Foundation Stage unit is used as a model for visitors sent by the LA.
Foundation Stage and Year 1 classes have full time teaching assistant support in each class to ensure that all emerging needs are met.
There is a minimum of 15 hours teaching assistant support for each class from years 2-6, with Special Educational Needs and English as a second language hours in addition. Each afternoon there is additional teaching assistant support to make sure that all educational targets are met in full. Learning Mentors have been employed to run nurture groups, parenting classes, social skills programmes and the School Council.Mini enterprise activities are held by all year groups. School Council Charity Days raise funds for each of the 8 charities chosen by the children.
The school funds English as a second language and ICT (computer) classes weekly for the community to access as well as interested parents, both are well attended.
Daily booster classes operate in Year 6 to aid progression.
The Gifted and Talented leader assists with planning and delivery for G&T pupils.
A Managed Learning Environment is in place for use by all stakeholders.
An ICT suite has 32 computers in daily use on WD.
ICT resources have been expanded to include: mini notebooks, cameras, I Pads dictaphones, visualisers and new IWBs in all classes. Computers are available for parents to use at both sites. All staff use their school emails to ensure speedy liaison and transfer of information.
Spanish, our Modern Foreign Language, is taught from Foundation Stage to Year 6.
A global curriculum is in place reflecting the ethos of our school.
Personalised Learning is promoted across the curriculum.
Easter and Summer Play-schemes are well attended offering child care in the holidays for working parents, these are charged for to cover costs.
The school provides healthy options at lunchtimes. Food is prepared from scratch on site(s).
Daily meals are provided for the local nursery.
Restorative Justice is used as part of our Behaviour Management strategies in conjunction with East Barnet Secondary School.
Preparation Planning and Assessment time is provided for all 3 class teachers in each year group to facilitate shared planning.
There is an annual Curriculum Evening/ Meet The Teacher evening for parents and carers in the Autumn Term, an annual report in the Spring Term and Parent / Teacher consultations each term.
Safeguarding training was attended by all staff and governors in September 2019.