Mission Statement

What We Aim to Deliver

We aim to deliver an education which makes the best possible use of ICT to engage and support pupils. We expect our curriculum to be delivered in exciting, innovative and interactive ways. We want our pupils to be actively experiencing a wide variety of environments in the wider community, learning through play and enjoying learning experiences outdoors as well as within a conventional classroom setting. We plan to offer opportunities for pupils of different ages and developmental stages to come together and share learning. In our school, we aim to offer increased opportunities for the whole school to come together to enjoy celebrations, achievements and religious observances.


We aim to deliver an outstanding curriculum that is:

  • creative, fun, enjoyable and memorable

  • underpinned by aims, values and purpose

  • develops the whole child and every child

  • is broad and balanced

  • has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills

  • offers purposeful experiences

  • is flexible and responsive to needs and interests

  • has an eye on the future

  • makes strong cross curricular links

  • has a local, national and international dimension


As a Local Authority maintained school, we follow the guidance of the National Curriculum and provide a curriculum that is balanced and broadly based. Our school curriculum, based around the new National Curriculum has been designed with this in mind . As well as teaching important skills and knowledge, our ‘Creative Curriculum’, updated on an annual basis has been designed to broaden children’s understanding of many aspects of the planet, its people and societies, particularly those of Great Britain.We ensure that we focus on all children and at both ends of the academic spectrum: for those with Special Educational Needs and those deemed high achievers. All of these are supported by a varying degree of homework, according to the year group. Children are set challenging targets, progress is monitored closely and the need for interventions and/or communication with parents are acted on quickly.