Lunch menu


*NEWS Our kitchen has been awarded five stars for hygiene!


School lunches are prepared on the premises. The menu rotates every three weeks. Please note that allergens are listed at the bottom of the menu.


Lunch costs £2.30 a day or £11.50 a week.


The menu complies with the new Food Standards which place a greater emphasis on the increased use of wholegrain and starchy foods, pulses, wholemeal products, non-dairy vegetarian options and an increase in the fruit content of desserts.


To ensure compliance with the Allergens legislation here is a complete list of ingredients of all the dishes on the menu in case you have any queries about the ingredient listing of any item on the menu.


Pupils in Foundation Stage and Year 1 on Ridgeway Avenue choose their lunch when the register is completed in the morning.  The children wear a wrist band e.g. green vegetarian, red meat etc. to the lunch room.  This allows the cook to prepare the correct amount of food and has reduced the food waste considerably.