Bean Game 3


Learning aim of game: adding and subtracting numbers to 40 (or 10, 20 etc), holding a number in their head and then adding and subtracting (this is something children find particularly difficult and rarely practise), organising how you do something to make it easier.

You will need: dried beans and 1 or 2 dice (depending on ability of children)

How many players: 2 players


How to play:

  1. Each partner counts out 20 beans each into a pile of their own.
  2. Player one says, “I have 20 beans”, then shakes the 2 dice (they land on 5 and 3), adds the 2 numbers together, and says “I take 8 of yours. I now have 28 altogether.”
  3. Player 2 starts by counting their beans and says, “I have 12 beans and…”, throws the dice (they land on 3 and 2), add the dice together and say, “I take 5 of your beans and I now have 17 beans in total.”
  4. Each player starts by counting their beans, stating how many they have, shaking the dice ,adding the total together, and then saying what it is and how many they end up with.
  5. This keeps going until the winner emerges with all of the 40 beans!
  6. What children find difficult is remembering how many beans they have to start with. I never start by telling them this (because I want them to work it out for themselves) but it really helps to organise your beans into easily countable piles e.g. in piles of 5. This is another conversation in itself- how to organise your totals and why.