Bean Game- Urdu


Learning aim of game: to create pictures of numbers in children’s heads, practise number bonds

You will need: some dried beans

How many players: 2 players or more


How to play:

  1. Both players choose a number of beans to start with e.g. 10 beans (one set of 10 beans between the 2 players-not each). Both players count the pile to confirm that the number chosen is correct.
  2. Player 1 closes his/her eyes whilst player 2 divides the beans into 2 separate piles (e.g. 3+7 or 6+4 etc).

    Player 2 then covers one of the piles with his/her hand and leaves the other visible for their partner to see.
  3. Player 2 says, “Open your eyes” and then asks players 1 to, “Guess how many beans are under my hand?”

    Player 1 uses the pile they can see to help them work out the answer.
  4. After the guess is made player 2 reveals the number hidden under their hand to check if the guess was correct.
  5. Now the partners swop roles with player 2 shutting his/her eyes and getting player 1 to guess what the hidden number is. Etc

    This can be done for any number bond up to 20. It helps children to create a mental image of numbers (making numeracy less abstract) whilst at the same time making it fun.