The Addition War


Aim of learning: adding and taking away 1and 2 digit numbers

How many players: 2+

You will need: a pack of cards


Shuffle all of the cards and deal them face down, giving each player an equal number of cards until all are given out. Each player keeps his/her cards in a stack. Picture cards can be worth -10 each -or jack= 11, queen=12 and king =13 with a joker as a 0.

Each player turns up 2 cards each and adds them up. The player with the largest total wins the 4 cards and places them at the bottom of their pile.

If the totals are equal then this means war! Both players turn over a further 2 cards and subtract them from each other. Whoever has the largest number wins (the largest difference) all 8 cards and places them on the bottom of their pile.

Set a time limit and the player with the most cards at the end wins or the first person to run out of cards loses.


Play the opposite -The Subtraction War