Tip & Turn


Aim of learning: to add or take away single digit numbers

How many players: 2 players

You will need: 2 dice (1-6) or for more able 2 dice ( one 1-6 and one 7-12)


  1. Decide on a target number together e.g. 32.
  2. Player 1 rolls the dice and adds them together (e.g. dice land on 4 and 4 so 4+4=8) and says the total- 8. This is the only time in the game when the dice are thrown.
  3. Player 2 is allowed to turn just one of the dice by turning the face once only- you do this by touching the edge and make it roll onto the next touching face only. If the dice has landed on a 4 (so the 4 is showing) player 2 can turn it on its edge- once -to a new number but it must be touching the 4 face (You cannot turn it over as much as you like- it has to be to an adjoining face.) They then add the new number to 8. So if you turn the dice to a 2 then you  add 8 and 2 to make 10.
  4. Player 1 now looks at both dice and decides to turn one dice once. If it is turned onto a 5 then they add 5 to 10 to make 15.
  5. This keeps going until you start to get closer to your target number. Whoever turns the dice on their final move to the target number exactly wins. If a player goes over the target number then they lose.
  6. You will see the children suddenly get very interested in turning the dice when it gets closer to their target number.

Variation on game: Start at a number like 45, agree a target number-  a single digit target number like 5 and play again but subtracting this time.