Our School Choir, Danegrove Chorus, is run by Catherine Gallantine, our Music Leader.  Mrs Burling teaches recorder and runs the school orchestra . Children also have the opportunity to learn musical instruments with visiting teachers.


  • Danegrove Chorus – any child in Year5 & 6 may join this choir. The choir meets on Monday afternoons.

  • Instrumental tuition – children may learn to play violin, ‘cello, trumpet, trombone, steel drums, tablas, descant recorder, flute, clarinet and saxophone.

  • The annual ‘Instrumental Tuition Concert and Choir’ in July involves the pupils who are learning a musical instrument at school as well as performances from our Wind Band, String Ensemble, Steel Band, and Recorder Groups. Here are some pictures of our instrumental concert.

  • Glee Choir performs at the ‘Barnet Music Festival’ in July.  They also perform at the Spires raising money for the Hospice and various other Retirement Homes in the local area.

Danegrove Chorus
Below are the song lyrics that we are working on this term. Click on the button to download the word document. 



Aye Mojinumba

Try Everything

Glee Club at the Spires
The Orchestra at the Christmas Extravaganza