The study of religion and belief is an indispensable part of a complete education because of the impact they have on individuals, culture, behaviour and national life.

At Danegrove our vision is one of learning through respect, support and challenge. We endeavour, through the teaching of RE, to support young people on their personal quest to learn and develop the skills and awareness they will need to feel fully engaged in their community. Their study of other religions and beliefs will enable them to respect, understand and accept other members of their communities. RE is taught through a series of RE day which focus on the six major religions in the UK.

The provision of R.E. at Danegrove begins in the EYFS through understanding the world. The curriculum develops into KS1 with more in-depth study of the main religions and beliefs and an exploration of their sense of belonging within the community.

As their study continues through KS2, children are encouraged to question, investigate, evaluate and reflect on common themes across the range of religions and beliefs and to reflect on their own experiences of belief and religion.

This ability to reflect on their own beliefs and values, in addition to having an understanding of the beliefs and values of others, will be a life-long skill enabling them to seek guidance when faced with moral dilemmas and giving them a better understanding of themselves and the world7


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