Danegrove School Council


The School Council meets every week usually on Friday at lunchtime. Meetings last about half an hour.  Classes also hold their own class council meeting to discuss items for the next full Council meeting. If you have something you would kike us to discuss at School Council please tell your class representative.  Each class has two school representatives, usually a boy and a girl, although this is not always the case. It is up to each class to vote for their representatives. This year we have decided to allow representatives stay until the end of the Spring Term as it is a short term in the Spring. We think being on the School Council gives you a chance to discuss things with other children and it is good to let lots of people have the chance to do this important job. The reception children will join the school council for the first meeting of the summer term.


The School Council is led by Mr. Davis and Mr. Huseyin (Assistant Headteachers).