Staff Learning


Courses attended 2018-2019 


  • Literacy

  • SENCO training on dyslexia, narrowing the gap in reading

  • International Links

  • Safe Internet Use

  • Training in how to support families including these with mental health issues.

  • FS, Yr 2, Yr 6 staff attended training on end of KS expectations and procedures

  • Use of assessment data

  • Use of PE funding to improve quality of PE taught in school.

  • Mindfulness

  • Numeracy

  • Autism


British Values and International Links– October 2019


Following on from our Celebrate our Differences week each year we looked at British values along side those of other countries and cultures.  We continue to develop mutural values across the curriculum and in assemblies.  The session also covered aspects of radicalisation and extremism.


Safeguarding Training - September 2019


Safeguarding for all staff, ensuring everyone was up to date with procedures.  Staff were given advice on signs to look out for and what they should do if concerns arise.

The Computing Curriculum


Mrs Charidemou arranged e-safety inset for staff, pupils and parents..  


Inset Days - September 2019 


Our first day back for the new school year was an amazing team building exercise - 'moving your team forward' a hectic, physical and mental exercise.

The second day began with welcoming the new staff; reminders about routines and safeguarding procedures.  


Literacy Skills was led by Mr Huseyin on day two.


LAC Training - September 2019

The LAC leader led a twilight session on the school's responsibiity for our Looked After Pupils.  


Child Protection training - July 2019


In July key staff had a higher level of child protection training from an expert external company.  The training focussed on safer recruitment as well as how to deal with disclosures made by children.  Staff received a certificate for this training which is valid for 3 years. 

E-safety Training - July 2019


In July staff had an E-safety training session delivered by Mrs. Charidemou. 


The session was very informative, highlighting what children use electronic devices for, what sites they visit, the dangers of certain internet activtiy and what to do if children reveal they are playing inappropriate games. 


Moderation – May 2019


Several times a year the staff at Danegrove do moderation of work together.  This session was moderation of writing. 


Staff worked together to look at the written work that a child produced. They looked across various pieces – e.g. – letters, stories, history writing, diaries etc and decided what level the child was working at based on evidence from across the work.


They looked at all aspects of the writing – the spelling, handwriting, punctuation, vocabulary choice, structure and style.


This was a great opportunity for staff to be sure that they were in agreement about the standards at each level.


Moderation helps us to ensure that the data we enter on our data system for children is accurate and that our Teacher Assessments are correct.


We undertake levelling within year groups and across the whole school. 


School Improvement April - May 2019


As part of our annual process of review, staff evaluated the success of the previous years School Improvement Plan and drafted new plans for each subject of the curriculum and other key areas, ready for approval by the Governing Body.

Dance  – March 2019


Using money from our Sports premium, the staff all had training on dance by a Barnet advisory teacher. Dance was an area that staff had identified that more training was needed in. 


Everyone looked at learning objectives for their year group and thought about success criteria. The staff practised different kinds of warm up, they looked at developing dance motifs using  diiferent techniques such as repetition and canon. They also worked on developing medium term planning.

Improving Writing –September and October 2019


Mr. Huseyin, Deputy Headteacher, Literacy Leader delivered Inset on improving writing.


Over all of the sessions we looked at – How do we develop good writers? We considered the importance of reading as a writer, motivation, purpose and audience, teacher modelling, developing grammatical skills and reflecting and editing.


Staff looked at samples of work and discussed the kind of feedback they would give the pupils, highlighting strengths and next steps.  


Safeguarding Training – September 2019


We like to keep our safeguarding training topped up, so our first twilight session in January all staff took part in a refresher on safeguarding procedure.  



Health and Safety training - January 2019


As well as learning related to the curriculum and achievement it is important that all of our staff have regular health and safety training.In the Autumn term all staff including office staff, meal time staff and governors had Safeguarding training delivered by Mrs Metcalf our designated teacher.Following on from this all staff including office staff, meal time supervisors and teaching assistants had Epi- Pen training about how and when to administer an Epi-pen safely. This training was run by our school nurse. An Epi-pen is for a child who is suffering an anaphylactic shock because of an allergic reaction. All children at Danegrove who have an Epi-pen also have a care plan. This training is run annually for staff.