Useful Links for Parents

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Keeping our children safe on-line is of the greatest importance.  

The following sites provide useful information for parents:

parenting in the digital age:

Think u know:

Child exploitation and online protection site:

And a link to the Safer internet day 2020 site:

In school every computer has an icon of a dolphin in the corner of the screen.  We use Hector the Protector in school so children know what to do if they see something they don't like: 

BEYA Children’s Centre offer a range of services to children under five years old and their families. 

Some of these services will be delivered at additional venues linked to the Children’s Centre. Children’s Centres deliver services in partnership with other agencies.

Children’s Centres offer a range of services as detailed below:

  • family support and information, including parenting workshops and drop-in groups

  • health services and advice including support before and after the birth of a baby

  • access to specialist services, for example, speech and language therapy, midwifery support etc

  • home visiting to isolated families

  • activities for children, mothers, fathers and carers

  • learning opportunities for parents and advice on employment

  • childminding support groups

  • information and advice including benefit information

  • Children with additional needs support groups