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Dear Year 5 Children and Parents, 

We have set an optional daily arithmetic and Literacy task as well as a research project for you to work on over the holidays (across the 2 weeks). This is so that you keep a routine while having fun at home! Please see the relevant links below with all of your tasks for the holidays.

Please remember: Due to a high demand on our website, sometimes your work is uploaded but does not show for a while - so please be patient while you wait.

Have a lovely break!

We miss you all. Stay well and we hope to see you all soon.

The Year 5 Team

Notice Board:

From Monday 23rd March, the school will be closed. You will be completing your learning tasks at home. Please work in your homework book, on pieces of paper organised neatly or your own journal.

Keep up to date by completing your English and Maths task each morning. Click on the links on the left to see your tasks.

We understand that the school website may be busy at times, so please be patient while you wait for your work to download and update.

Welcome to Year 5!


The teachers are Leah Grogan, Lisa Beskeen, Fiona Henderson and Jaweria Alam.


Also working in our Year 5 classes are Louise Green, Litsa, Stefania Teshome and Quan Lamb.