Year Three

As a result of the recent Government announcement, the school will be closed from Friday 20th March until further notice. The Year Three team will be setting daily tasks on this webpage for children to complete in their homework books, on pieces of paper or in their own writing pads. Each day the tasks will be outlined and any supporting worksheets will be placed at the bottom of the document.  Answers (where applicable) will be provided the following day by clicking the 'answers' button beneath the daily tasks.


We have also provided links to some physical activities and brain breaks. Maybe you'd even like to have a go at our daily riddle challenges?

Be safe, take care and we hope to see you all back in school soon. 

Year 3 Team 

Welcome to Year 3


The teachers are Cheryl Baptiste, Sophie Issimdar and Sam Cowan .


Also working in the year group is Mrs Gaymer, Mrs Weekes, Miss Dabiri and Mrs Rae De Silva.