Welcome back- Entering Year 1

Dec 24, 2020 19:58

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back and have tried to ensure that all children are familiar with the adults they will be working with this year. We are also aware that some children will be returning back to school after quite a while. Therefore, we will provide children with the support and guidance they need to enable them to be confident and ready to learn. The focus for us will be to ensure the children are ready to learn and as a result of this, social and emotional learning will be prioritised. We recognise that there will be gaps in our children’s learning, To eliminate this, we have been closely working with their previous class teachers to put interventions in place.

The classroom door will be open from 9am every day for children to get settled, which will be followed by an informal ‘check-in’, English (and phonics) and Maths. All learning activities will be linked to transition, change and understanding ours and others feelings.

Every day there will be a session when the children enter the classroom, focusing on the children’s physical and mental well-being. Expanding well-being vocabulary is important in supporting the children. Activities such as these will allow children to verbalise their feelings and be heard amongst their peers and staff. Physical well-being will also be promoted in various ways such as organised ‘runs’ around the Year 1 playground and field. This is to ensure children get a break from lessons and are also physically moving around.

Any questions please feel free to ask any member of staff and we will be happy to help.

All the very best from us all in Year 1