Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies are sequences of lessons in which planning focuses on a combination of History, Geography and Design and Technology (D.T) objectives from the National Curriculum.  Our aim is to teach fundamental key skills alongside key understandings in order for our children to form their own conclusions. We teach a highly structured sequence of lessons based around an inquiry. We pose ‘big questions’ within our year groups and conduct research, gather evidence and consequently draw conclusions inspired by the learning experiences. The curriculum for Integrated Studies has been mapped out in detail.

This provides effective coverage of the curriculum and a natural path of progression.


The intent of the Integrated Studies Curriculum is to provide engaging opportunities for the children to learn about the world that they live in. In addition, the aim is to provide the children with first hand experiences. This involves visiting some of the locations they are learning about, such as; local areas, wetlands and parks.

We will enrich our curriculum by:

  • Establishing cross-curricular links

  • Providing on and off-site subject or topic related experiences

  • Offering opportunities for children to learn outdoors where appropriate

  • Build on their understanding of the importance of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect

  • Improve their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding


Our inquiry model follows a strong pedagogy inspired by Bloom’s Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills. Lessons are sequenced with skills starting at the lower end of the taxonomy and working to the higher end as the inquiry unfolds. The learning is sequenced as follows; knowledge, understanding, applying, analysing, creating and evaluating.

This ensures that:

  • The children remember the long-term content. (the learning process emphasises a deeper more meaningful level of understanding)

  • The children understand that they are systematically learning

  • The children can integrate new knowledge into larger concepts


The intended impact of the Integrated Studies Curriculum is that the majority of children in each year group are working at or above the expected level for their age in History, Geography and D.T. At the end of each inquiry unit, the children will complete tasks linked to the progression in skills and knowledge document (please see below).

In addition, it is the intended impact that the children:

  • Are inspired by History, Geography and D.T and want to learn more

  • Show the progression in their skills and knowledge; especially in chronology, map reading and creativity

  • Can discuss their learning and remember what they have learnt

  • Can talk about their first-hand experiences of visiting different places and locations.

  • Lifelong learning skills such as analysing and researching are learnt