Holidays, Term Time & Leave

The Government has introduced new registration regulations which mean that from September 2013, headteachers can only give leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and when applied for.

Attendance for the last academic year 2019-20  (3 terms) was 96.4%. Our target for this year is also 96%.

Clearly, family holidays are not exceptional and should be taken in the official school holidays.  If you think your circumstances are exceptional, you will have to discuss this matter with the headteacher.

Where parents take their children out of school without permission, they can expect to be issued with fixed-penalty notices.  From September, the payment period is being shortened so parents would have to pay within 3 weeks at the rate of £60 per parent per child.  After that, there is just one week in which to pay the higher rate of £120.

The Government intends to be tougher on families taking their children out of school for holidays.  It also expects all head teachers to adhere to the regulations so, in effect, we should be working together to achieve the best educational outcome for the children.

Families are advised to consider very carefully their future holiday planning.  Parents who take their children out of school without permission risk the intervention of the Education Welfare Officer, who will investigate all instances of unexplained absences.

If you wish to apply to take your child out of school in term time you must fill in a form for a Request for Exceptional Leave of Absence.

Further information from the Government can be found here

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Request Leave of Absence Form