Religious Education (RSE)

Religious Education

Living in the United Kingdom is a multi-faith and multi- cultural society. It is important that children at Danegrove learn about people from all sectors of society and to develop an understanding of how individual faiths and cultures affect day to day living. In doing so we are striving to develop tolerance, respect, empathy and understanding towards all people.

Barnet is one of the most religiously diverse boroughs in England. As a school in Barnet we aim to celebrate this diversity and offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our pupils, through the teaching and learning of Religious Education, our pupils will develop a positive attitude to living in a religiously diverse society.

The provision of R.E. at Danegrove begins in the EYFS through understanding the world. The curriculum develops into KS1 with more in-depth study of the main religions and beliefs and an exploration of their sense of belonging within the community.

As their study continues through KS2, children are encouraged to question, investigate, evaluate and reflect on common themes across the range of religions and beliefs and to reflect on their own experiences of belief and religion.

At Danegrove, we take an enquiry approach to Religious Education where, the children apply their knowledge to a big question using their critical thinking skills.

As well as developing the children’s critical thinking skills, we believe that using an enquiry-based model increases their motivation to learn and enhances their knowledge and understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise. Our philosophy is that children are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. RE does not try to persuade but rather to inform and develop the skills with which evaluation can take place.

This ability to reflect on their own beliefs and values, in addition to having an understanding of the beliefs and values of others, will be a life-long skill enabling them to seek guidance when faced with moral dilemmas and giving them a better understanding of themselves and the world.