The Estimation Game- Greek


Aim of learning: to estimate a number of words and develop an awareness of what numbers look like, place value, developing mathematical language.

How many players: whole class together or a group at a table or in pairs

You will need: a number line to 100, a see through container, a number of objects (vary objects over time), whiteboard pen and rubber.

The number line and the container of objects needs to be visible for all to see.


Place a number of objects in the container and ask the children how many they think there are inside? Explain that it will be an estimate. Record their estimates on the number line (circle the number and initial it above).

Then take out the objects and count them in front of everybody. It is good to count the number by sorting it into clear groups of 10 (place value). Circle the answer so that the children can look at their estimates and compare.

Then either add in some more objects or take some away before the children guess again. Make sure it is very visible because this is a chance to use mathematical vocabulary.

If you place more in ask: Will the number get bigger/larger/greater if I add more? Point to the number line to show the larger numbers. Now make an estimate.

If you take some away: “I am taking some away so the number will be more or less than the last one? Etc

Record the estimates on the number line and then count.

If children are way out in their estimates then allow them to change their guesses when you are half way through counting.